Saturday, 27 April 2013


Jon Favreau hands the director's chair to Shane Black for the third (and final?) instalment in the Iron Man series, and the result is pretty much interchangeable. All three Iron Man films have an Ocean's trilogy vibe to them; one never truly believes our comrades are in danger, so it's left for the film to get by on the strength of the villain(s) and the coolness of Robert Downey Jr. Fortunately, the film succeeds in both areas, with the added benefit of some clever cameos and (alright, Sir) Ben Kingsley clearly having the most fun he's had in years. Typically of just about every Avengers film, there's not enough heart and soul, but plenty of flash and bang for your buck. (Though we're still waiting for the first film post-Avatar that will put 3-D to good use... expect headaches if you decide to don the plastic glasses again.)